Enjoy Improved Comfort, Function, And Beauty

If your teeth have been subjected to injury or decay then restorative dentistry offers a variety of treatments to improve the structure, beauty, and health of your smile.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry seeks to restore, rebuild, or repair your teeth. This includes not only individual teeth but all of your teeth, soft tissues, and supporting structures. The goal of restorative care is to remove any and all diseased tissues and prevent further health issues. At DentaCare, we offer a number of innovative restorative treatments, including:

The Benefits

Restorative dentistry is a vital when you suffer damage or other oral health concerns. Our services can improve function, allowing you to eat and speak normally.

Is Restorative Dentistry Right For Me?

Restorative care is right for you if any of your teeth require dental restorations, cavity repair, or if you have missing teeth or need extractions. Our goal and objective is to help you attain a healthy and functional smile for years to come. To schedule a restorative dentistry appointment, call DentaCare in Longview, TX, at (903) 758-5921. We also have an office in Tyler, TX, to provide excellent dental care to even more patients.