A Full, Functional Smile

Tooth loss can have a negative effect on your confidence, whether you are missing one tooth or several. For a permanent solution to tooth loss, speak with Dr. Hobbs about our dental bridges.

Your Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device that replaces missing teeth. A dental bridge or dental implant can replace:

  • One tooth
  • Two teeth side-by-side
  • Multiple teeth in a row

Bridges are considered “fixed” because, unlike removable dentures, they are cemented to the adjacent teeth and are non-removable.

The Benefits

You should consider choosing a dental bridge if you desire a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. The benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Successfully regaining your ability to chew
  • Reestablish the ability to speak with confidence
  • Feel proud of your smile again

Is a Dental Bridge Right For Me?

A dental bridge may be the right choice if you are missing one or more teeth. Other options include dental implants and removable partial dentures. To find out if a bridge is right for you, schedule an appointment by calling DentaCare in Longview, TX, at (903) 758-5921. We also have an office in Tyler, TX, to provide excellent dental care to even more patients.